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January 02, 2011



I never would have replaced the bordello paper. That probably speaks volumes about me. I swear that I'm going to paint over the sickly yellow in my downstairs powder room, though. I've decided that I'll buy the paint as soon as I get a tax refund, or with any cash I have left after the cruise. From now until cruise time, I'm not spending on anything non-essential.

I still need to go through the rest of my mother's jewelry box. It's been... 23 years. Crap.


That's so exciting! I would totally help you remove wallpaper just to find out!

Erin G.

Siiiigh. Your mom was so great.




Damn it. I swore off ever dealing with wallpaper removal again and this is so intriguing that I must volunteer to help. Call me when it's time.


Tami - 23 years? Okay, that's my goal now.
Elisabeth - It sounds like it needs to be videotaped, like Geraldo breaking into Capones vault.
Erin G - She loved a caper.
Becs - Truth.
Caroline - Oh, I'm not taking down the paper. I'm taking down the mirror and stabbing the paper with a kitchen knife until it breaks through.

Hot Mom

I want to be there when you murder the wallpaper with a kitchen knife.


Hot Mom - it's very nice Waverly wallpaper. It will hurt me to murder it.

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