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January 18, 2011



The British Monarchy is more like a tourist attraction these days - one that costs the public far more than it gives back. Boo. Hiss.


You've just made me face up to the fact that I'm too old to ever actually become a princess. My day is ruined.


Becs - It's better now that the queen pays taxes, I suppose?
Tami - As a child I convinced myself I was the illegitimate daughter of Queen Elizabeth. Who am I to judge? Wait - you could still be a princess by marriage. Andy's still out there, or that prig Edward.


You think they're looking for an overweight red-haired American Jew with no real money? Because if they are, I'm totally in.


This is how I felt when the Methodist Church introduced the "modern" Apostles Creed. WTH? The OLD one worked for 2000+ years...you're gonna mess with JESUS?


Tami - They took Sarah F, overweight red-head. Why not?
AmyAlabama - Really? I have to look this up ... what's this about the extra line "he descended to the dead?"


Note to self: Buy Henry V and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein at DVD Stop tomorrow (i has a groupon).


Klynb -Frankenstein - bleah. I felt it was unspeakably bad. Especially the oversized wedding-photo faces floating in the clouds.

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