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January 18, 2011



It wasn't an eyelash it was a piece of burnt coconut from the pie?


Due to a disruption of the real-time/cinematic continuum, you found yourselves in "Gattaca"?


No. But my husband's the same with catching movies on TV. Although in his defense, we don't actually own all the Planet of the Apes movies on DVD.


It's like the Puzzler on CarTalk! It was really some weird ash from the birthday candles. And I would rather watch something on Instant Watch than the DVD I received in the mail from Netflix. Which is very inefficient.


Zayrina - No! But excellent guess!
Becs - Oh! Thanks for reminding me of that movie! I liked that one.
Allison - Well, my brother does own them all. In the special box.
Wendy - No! But thanks for playing! Yeah, and the Netflix is there and as such is undesirable. It's so easy to take for granted, like, dunno, a wife.


I find chihuahua hairs on everything I own. If it's light-colored, the hairs are black. If it's black, the hairs are light-colored.

I miss having a cat, but I don't miss being covered in cat fur.

(This is my way of saying that I got the hint you so kindly provided)


That's hilarious! We have an Admin Asst here who brings in baked goods periodically and they always have cat hair in them. I don't think I ever have dog hair in what I bring in....But what if no-one ever mentions it?


One step in my recipe for Welsh cookies is the line, "Pick out any visible cat hairs".


Great. Now that is burned on my retina.
My mother won't eat anything that has been in my house. I have 5 cats.


Tami - That is a cruelly colored chihuahua.
Amy_in_StL - I worked with someone who brought in cupcakes dotted with mouse feces after she left them out in the garage. No one mentioned it to her.
~~Silk - Hah! It's fiber.
Wemdy - Sorry. I considered blurring out the nipples. And I'm sorry about your mother. That must hurt.

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