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January 12, 2011



You need the kind of dentist that hands out tiaras.


Sounds like dentist #1 is probably a quack, and an expensive one at that. I always thought they made new crowns rather than trying to reattach one that had fallen off. Although honestly, I've not known of someone in my family that had one fall off; so maybe I'm wrong on that. I'd recommend my dentist, but he doesn't take insurance which means you have to file your own claims and it's always more spendy because he's not in network.


Had a crown fall out. I think one time, it was just stuck back on because there was no grossness going on.

Good dentists are hard to find.

As I get older, my teeth are more fragile. I no longer eat almonds since one took out a big chunk of tooth. And sticky candy things are no longer a temptation.

Hot Mom

I love my dentist. If you decide to go for a threesome, let me know.


My OBGYN is a hottie with a southern drawl if you continue your MD collection.


My dentist is a jerk but competent. Luckily, his hygienist is a lovely person. I left the best dentist I ever had back in Portland. All he work he did is as good as the day I got it.


Magpie - Your dentist is the best. See http://www.magpiemusing.com/2011/01/gutta-percha-synchronicities.html
Amy_in_StL - I thought crowns stayed on forever. Kind of think it might be planned obsolesence.
Becs- yes, my front two teeth have tiny chips. Old dentist said "we can get those filled right back in" and I thought, "the juice aint worth the squeeze."
Hot Mom - even a dental threeway wouldnt make the dentist any more unpleasant.
Caroline - I did say I need an GYN at Mo Bap, now two of my docs are there.
Hattie - I can't travel to Portland for dentistry. Well, come to think of it...


Mine isn't at Mo Bap. I prefer doctors who practice in the same county where I live. Of course, I was looking for a doctor who would meet met at the hospital at 2am, which may not be a pressing need of yours.


Caroline - I like them closer to work. I need them to lance labial cysts at 2 p.m.

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