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January 12, 2011



My cat is the same way. Although meowing is less annoying than barking.


If it's yummy and tasty, I have at least two cats sticking their heads into it. If I provide a healthy offering, I get the furry cold shoulder and follow behind their royal highnesses pleading, "But it's good for you!"

Your theory seems to be proving itself out.


With Cats, don't buy them the expensive stuff. They won't like it.


Hattie - We had a cat that sounded like a door hinge. That was annoying.
Becs - Well, except for the baby carrots. And the cereal was Special K...
Benchmark - Pah. You folks with cats.

Hot Mom

Radley used to drool on me when she wanted something. It was endearing and disgusting at the same time.


We have to put our dog in the basement every time we get food out. The little guy has learned the hard way that you can't show the dog food if you want to eat it yourself. Or maybe he hasn't learned, since he keeps doing it.


Hot Mom - Aww! You know you miss that.
Caroline - Has he started eating out of the dogs bowl? Isnt that the next step?


He does like to play in the dog's water bowl, so we have to put it away sometimes. It's a delicate balance between the boy and the dog.


Caroline - At least YOU DON'T HAVE A FERRET.

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