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January 20, 2011



We've already got about 5" in Springfield to your north but the doppler is showing you right in the big long stream of it that stretches all the way to Arkansas.

But hey, it's January. And it's spectacular beauty is clearly the reason we stick around these latitudes.

I've got the fever so bad, I'm actually going to Wisconsin late next week.

Everyone else in the office is heading to the Caribbean......


Benchmark - I'm hitting the Yucatan coast in a few weeks myself. The thing I worry about is ice on top of snow. Just don't need an ice storm right now.

Hot Mom

Wimp. I happily drove to work in my little car rather than face the prospect of staying home with my children for yet another day.


Hot Mom - Why weren't they outside making snow angels? I thought that's what children do all day in the snow.

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