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January 26, 2011



I heard about the gondolas on the news and hoped they weren't stringing them over the river. Such a bad idea. I'll never forget Chain of Rocks park had ones when I was little and when people got stuck they had to go get them with lift trucks. How are they going to get them over the river?


Off topic - You were horrified by the story of the woman who kept her dead loved ones near. This one's worse:


Amy_in_StL - The RFT says they're going across the river. http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2011/01/arch_gondolas.php
I guess they could keep the gondolas low to the river. I wish I could see a real image of the plan.
Silk - Gaaaah! Damn those Frankenstein movies. Everyone things electricity is the answer.


Wait. This thing goes over the River? No. No, no, no.


Becs - yes. The big grey thing running through the middle of the photo is a river. And of course, that will just make the bodies harder to recover after they plummet.


I heard a rumor at the lunch table yesterday that they might be attached to the bridge. Which would be less scenic, but easier and quicker to get approved.


You want them low over the river so that a runaway towboat can clip them during a flood?

I like most of the ideas without the stupid gondolas, but I don't understand where they expect traffic to go or why they took out the underground parking. Plus, that's one hell of a pricetag for what's essentially a slab of concrete and some landscaping.


Amy_in_StL - Oh, that's right. Whenever the river rises boats hit the bridges even without gondolas.
Caroline - I agree about the parking. That's the best, safest parking lot by the arch.


Wait- is this going to drop you next to the "fountain" across the river that is basically one giant spout of water?


Lawgirl - Close to the fountain, as I understand it. Now that you mention it, I can see a high wind condition issue there.

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