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January 05, 2011



You drink milk?


I'm glad you can take it. I guess I'm just too damn sensitive for my own good.

I hope it's organic milk. You do not want to be messing around with that hormone stuff.


It's a sign - my first thought was, "She drinks milk? Like, just straight milk? In a glass?"

I have lactose-free organic skim milk in the house, and I use it without a problem, but I have no idea what it would taste like to just fill up a glass and drink it.

Hot Mom

Sounds too much like parenthood. But, if Gary ever yells at me for not finishing my drink at your house, I'll know how to handle it.

Mrs. Hall

saw the informant. dude is NOT bipolar. just a greedy man who can't SHUT UP. AKA. attention whore.

and making up the lies gets him there.

so 11 million?

no wait, it was 9!!


Hattie - love milk. You have cows in Hawaii, don't you drink milk?
Becs - I was sensitive for five years, then started yelling back, then started walking away, and as I say this is a new tactic.
Tami - I love lactose. I got a lactose test once and I ate nothing but cheese and milk the night before, because I thought I'd never see it again.
Hot Mom - He did it again tonight, I swear. "Ellen! The dogs head is in your glass! DID YOU DRINK ALL YOUR MILK?"
Ms Hall - You would know better thsn I.

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