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January 23, 2011



Dare I ask how old those chicken tenderloins are?

I have a package of stew beef I should donate to the Smithsonian.

Mrs. Hall

ooft. painted on wall paper. when we moved in we had wallpaper on wall paper and painted on wall paper. but our house was built in 1982.

i think you might have to pay people to remove things. or, build that cost into the selling price.

either way, Mr. Hall says, "selling a house is like prison sex, and not the good kind."


I'd do a creamed lentil soup with the onion, bouillon, lentils, corn, and cream. I'd serve it with muffins, but you're out of eggs, so I'd go with the bread, probably toasted.

If the chicken's still good, I'd chop it up and cook it with the onions before adding the soup stuff to the pot.

For dessert I'd make oatmeal, and add sugar, cream, triple sec, and thawed peaches, and I'd call it oatmeal pudding. I accept that I'm a little strange when it comes to dessert.


The Donner party originated from here in Springfield. Sometimes it seems their descendent's are still around here.

The tenderloins do have a bit of a dark hue to them, it appears........


Becs - no, they were in the freezer, so they were fresh. Of course, I didn't look closely in the lime juice I marinated them in. It was lime juice mixer for cocktails, and it had sugar. Awful. Spat them out. Had to feed them to the devil.
Mrs hall - I'll be keeping track of everything I spend on the house.
Tami - Moot. Gary went to the store and got fried chicken. Woot.
Benchmark - No... really. Then again, maybe it wasnt the lime juice.

Hot Mom

Wait. Go back to the freezer. Was that, dare I say it, ice I saw in there?


Hot Mom - yes, and I thought of you when making it. But since it isn't being used, it's sublimating away.

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