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January 01, 2011



Optic migraines are fun. Whee! All the lights.


I thought it was Pie Pie Pie Pie. Also, is it bad that your year makes me wish a tiny bit that I didn't have kids?


It was an excellent year to have you as a friend. Here's to many more Tuesday lunches and whatever else lies ahead!


Becs - Mine are lame conpared to Marcia's. She see Kalidescopes. I just see arches.
Allison - I have a dog! Because of the dog I didn't get to see the Cake concert. I can feel your pain.
Caroline - Amen. I predict you and or Libby will take the 7 this next year.

Hot Mom

I'm too busy to take the 7 in 2011, maybe I'll squeeze them in in 2012.


Hot Mom - You know the new way to take the 7 is in 8 weeks. Speed 7.

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