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December 19, 2010



My room mate feeds the devil all the time. My mom used to call that "wasting food".


I love that expression.


I've never heard that expression; it's hilarious. I wonder if the Devil likes stirfry leftovers?


It's feeding the devil when a suite at the Ritz-Carlton goes unoccupied!


Actually, Becs, that's housing the devil.
However much of this, especially the chocolates, seems to be a devil of a good time.....


jack sprat could eat no fat.
I got some really bad truffles and melted them down and they made great chocolate sauce.
And various odd tropical fruits make great jam!


Tami- You really need to lose this roommate.
Magpie - Nun sayings. I wonder if there are more.
Amy_In_StL - I bet he likes Chinese best of all. He always gets the white rice at our house.
Becs - Well, I think the devil prefers the Four Seasons, but yes, that is just as much of a waste.
Benchmark - Or hosteling the devil.
Hattie - I think Wilma's made bread pudding out of any number of bad cakes.


Hmm- in that case, in our house "the devil" is a pair of incredibly spoiled fat cats. *nods*


Last night I solved the problem by eating the food that she took but decided not to eat. "Give me your bowl," I said, "I'm eating that."

And then she did!

I can't lose her, I actually like her. The things that she does that are amenable, though, don't make entertaining stories. Like, for instance, there's not much humor value in "last night Trixie emptied the dishwasher".


Elisabeth - But the dogs are sainted creatures in the S_____ house. Not the devil. But fat.
Tami - I like Steve From Work's line: "Eat it or wear it."

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