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November 14, 2010



I hate sick days. I do not like sitting around doing nothing although I have had my own share recently. It is the change in weather.


I make great beef and barely vegetable soup.

I hate wasting sick days on being sick.

Amy in StL

If it's dessert, I make a dessert called Skiers goo that has a whole bag of caramels, a bag of chocolate chips and a swiss chocolate cake mix as the base. Otherwise I have a couple cream cheese dips I bring, one is only a block of cream cheese covered in Raspberry chipotle sauce served with pretzel chips. It's really tasty


Key Lime Pie. Real Key Lime Pie. The oh-so-secret recipe is on the side of every bottle of Nellie and Joe's Key Lime juice.

But honestly, I don't remember the last time I cooked anything. At all. Good luck with the feast.


Gooey, chewy bars so chock full of stuff that's not good for you that a friend dubbed them "Death Cubes." (But they're really good.)


I do lots of fruit and vegetable breads: pumpkin, banana, zucchini, etc. I also make Alcoholic Fudge which is quite popular (for some strange reason). I do a nifty cucumber salad too which is minimal prep for maximum pizazz. Hubby is making his second batch of spiced apples for his office shindig since he accidentally made them a week early. ;}


Little pork sausages (we call them chipolatas) wrapped in bacon and baked. It's assembly rather than cooking, no skill required, but mant times more popular than elaborate dishes I've fussed over.


Many times, even.


At the show last week I learned that Sufyan Stevens calls the parts of the songs where you are singing but not singing words, sex scenes. The show was very enjoyable, including the sex scenes. I made a scene at work yesterday. I don't have a signature dish anymore. Although for a few weeks I thought it might become waffle sausage casserole. Hope you are feeling better.


We always have Thanksgiving with my cousin and I always bring grilled small green sweet peppers and breadfruit with homemade mayonnaise.
It's a little different here!


Chocolate chip cookies.

And for some reason people really like my deviled eggs. They're not that special, but whatever. They're easy.


SML - I hate being tired when I have energy, and it is not a good kind of tired.
Zayrina - Well, I was in need of sleep.
Amy in StL - The cream cheese dip sounds really interesting.
Becs - I made that once from the bottle and Gary said it was too eggy. never tried again.
Wyo - And yet, no hint of what is in them! (Cake or death?)
Elisabeth - Off to google alcoholic fudge recipe...
Big Dot - Pork with a crispy pork covering! Whats not to love?
Wendy - What a great term! Sex Scenes!
Hattie - Fruit with mayo? I'm guessing it's bread that looks like fruit? Off to Wikipedia.
Caroline - I've had both, and they are both very good.


Queen: You pick the fruit green and it's starchy and not sweet.


Hattie -so - starch with mayo - oh, like potato salad!


Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from the Cake Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum. It's a little embarrassing that my signature dish is something invented by somebody else. That's why I'm working on perfecting my rum spritz and Nutella cupcake recipes. I need to stop leaning on the towers of others and build my own edifice.


Tami - That is advanced cooking. Will you share your recipe once it is perfected or will you charge for it?

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