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November 23, 2010



Great ideas! I especially love the combo mammogram/full body scan. Can we get peanuts?


And lollypops for the kiddies.
It's a load of crap. The elites are scared out of their gourds and are trying to make the rest of us as paralyzed with fear as they are.


That is genius. I can never find time to get a mammogram, so it would be an awesome way to multitask. Maybe they could also check for suspicious moles?


I am not looking forward to flying on Friday. *sigh*


Mare - Remember when they had honey roasted airplane peanuts? All I see now are pretzels.
Hattie - (Thanks for the link, by the way)Hey! I'm an elite! Aren't I?
Amy_in_StL - And, bra fittings. How about that?
Tami - CNN, who made up this whole drama, says everything is smooth.


Southwest stil gives out the good peanuts. Any wonder that they're profitable?


Caroline - they do? I must have slept through that on the way to Vegas.

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