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November 21, 2010



I spent what felt like the whole of Sunday water-blasting the winter's gunk off the house. Standing at the top of a ladder holding the wand above my head, totally wet through, covered with paint flakes, chilled by a nasty little breeze that cancelled out the sun - I've had more fun getting a colposcopy.


I rescued an ailing citrus tree. That was fun. I pruned it and mulched it and it was very grateful.


We spent most of Saturday outside, but actually spent Sunday doing mostly inside stuff. We didn't plan so well. Kind of like today when I'm walled into a brick box while it's lovely outside.


Most of our neighbors opted for hanging Christmas lights. We replaced the garbage disposal. Clearly we made the wrong choice. Oh. Wait. We can't hang up Christmas lights because some jackass cut every strand we owned last time.


Big Dot - I'm ignoring the winter gunk. I'll ignore it until it's green and visible from the street.
Hattie - That is when MY citrus tree would die of gratitude.
Amy_in_StL - Well, lovely until the rain hit.
Caroline - Didn't anyone see who did it?

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