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November 22, 2010



Thank you. I wish people would realize that numbers like this are bogus.

There are parts of St. Louis I wouldn't visit in the dark (like that's a deterrent) but it's not nearly as bad people think.


My boyfriend lives in St. Louis proper, but then he's a city fireman so he's currently required to. I think the city is charming, even the scary after dark parts are charming in the early morning when all the scary people are still sleeping. I'd die to move to the city proper! hee hee, die....


Alas! Camden hangs its head in shame.

Hot Mom

Yes! West Jesus rocks! (And The Friends have made fun of me for living in East Columbia. Ha!)


To be fair to the city, the murders are even more contained than that, but statistically the two square miles that are dangerous need the three square miles that are safe to bring down the average just enough to avoid the national guard implementing a police state.


Jonseals - You know, New York cheats, they don't even report robberies of less than a thousand dollars.
Amy_in_StL - when I first moved here (I was five) I lived at Jamieson and Chippewa, which I think is right on the edge of the city proper. Certainly no crime there.
Becs - Ha! We beat your ass, Camden. You thought you had a three-year lock.
Hot Mom - I've never heard you call it East Columbia! Ha indeed.
Caroline - Yes, that part up North. Where Pizza deliveries and singing telegrams fear to tread.


I've always wondered how those rankings were tallied. I've never felt unsafe in STL.


Benchmark - Well, there are places, like by the levee, where I would not walk after dark.

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