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November 07, 2010



My recommendation for a killer hangover:
1. Drink lots and lots of cold water.
2. Whatever headache remedy your stomach will tolerate. Actually, it would have been for the best if you had taken an Alka-Seltzer before falling asleep the night before.
3. Heavy duty caffeine
4. In the worst of all possible scenarios - and if you aren't suffering from alcohol poisoning - a bit of the hair of the dog will do.

Hot Mom

Hair of the dog was good. So was the show. Though I have to say that it's weird watching middle aged people sit and bop to a band I danced my ass off to 18 years ago.


Becs-I don't think I had a hangover. (Three women just silently disagreed with me, but it's true. I always shuffle and shield my eyes in the morning.)
Hot Mom- The women in front of me were griping about The Girlfriend and I said, "Well, she's 30." And of course, they were 30. Duh.


I spent a weekend in St. Louis in August. Great city, terrific people but way too effing hot. Jesus, I thought it was hot in Atlanta but holy cow!

My company is HQ'd in Chesterfield so apparently yearly trips to STL are in my future. Every August. Yay.

Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog the other day.


AnneP - This past August was hotter than ever. I'd like to say it'll never be like that again, but, you never know.

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