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November 15, 2010



Next time we'll just put Gary in charge of all catering.



Caroline -Seriously, we could feed everyone.
Anyone else - there was a category on Sports team names, and Caroline advised writing "Bears" for every answer. The Loyola Bears. The Notre Dame Bears.


Chicken in a Biskit! Cheetos! Dr. Pepper! Poppycock! OMG - you'd kill me, but at least I'd die happy.

Erin G.

You're cute in that pic. :P


Well done! Very happy to see that Poppycock and Lindt chocolate made the menu...yum. Very cute (and prescient)pre-victory pic to boot!


~Silk - Wait! It's Diet Dr Pepper. And actually,Gary's parents got the surplus sugar like the Poppycock. BUT - that reminds me:

AT the Southernmost Cracker Barrel in Bloomington/Normal Illinois (not Indiana) they have bags of a carmel corn popped nugget. I don't know what it is called but it is the snack to end all other snacks.

Erin G - Damn right I'm cute. Why do you think I posted it? It's my Tits Up pose.
Mare - Good job spotting the Lindt! Eagle eye.


You know what else they sell in Bloomington/Normal? The Kathryn Beich factor is there. They make those amazing fundraiser candy bars, and they sell bags of the ones that broke along the line for practically nothing.

Luckily their hours matched my work hours for the year I lived there and I only managed to stop in the gift shop once.


Caroline - good thing we didn't know.

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