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November 04, 2010



I think they put it there, apart from decoration, to take the brunt of suitcase, bottom and foot-wear. You can remove it, you know.

My main hotel whinge is when you come to your room at night and there are lights on everywhere and not one of them operated by a switch that's obvious. There have been times when I've seriously considered having call someone up from reception to make my room dark for me.


Big Dot is correct as to the purpose - they're usually over white comforters, and it makes it cheaper and easier to redecorate. All the various Marriott incarnations have them. The Man always removes it immediately, folds it and puts it over the back of a chair. Me, I leave it on. My feet don't reach that far, anyway.

My problem is dark rooms, and I can't figure out how to turn lights on. Push, pull, turn, switch on wall, switch on light base, switch on lamp top? I've actually accidentally taken lamps apart by turning the wrong dooflinky the wrong way.


I always expect it to be a blanket, but it's about 1/3 of a blanket. I always kick out the bottom of the sheets- I used to dream that a giant snake was wrapped around the bottom of the bed when i was a kid this is a total flashback to that. :p


In the room on our recent cruise, the bed had a strip of vinyl across the bottom of the bed. I thought it was a good idea.


Ah, the many advantages of remaining at home.


But....but...it's a hotel. Where you can sleep in the bed and mess up the bathroom and throw towels on the floor with gay abandon and SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO CLEAN IT UP. As long as the thing is clean, I'm a happy girl.


Big Dot - Oh! You could unscrew all the light bulbs. That would be a mean trick.
Silk - The switches at the Hard Rock Chicago were obvious and easy, but I know what you mean.
Elisabeth - I kick too, but this thing wont be kicked. I think I'd dream about being forced to dance ballet.
Hattie - I think Ive seen that. I didn't want to put my feet under it.
Becs - Home is good too. I'll be here ... hmm ... one more night.
Allison - Oh, yes, and you can order wild mushroom fettucini that is worth the room service price.


I knock them off. Once I was so cold that I tried to use it for extra warmth. Stupid hotel with insufficient heater.

Anyway, after knocking it the hell to the floor unintentionally, now I remove them when going to sleep.


Tami - I always forget until my feet are flattened.

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