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November 01, 2010


Judy K

Well, the big difference between you and Margo Martindale is that you are black.

Celebrate your heritage.

Other than that the resemblance is uncanny.


OH, Queen, that was wonderful. That is exactly it! I must put up my Paree journal!


Judy K - (hi Judy K!) - Margo might be black, she IS wearing a lot of makeup.
Hattie - You must! Rent the movie too.


Ellen, I didn't know you were black!


Mershy! I am as black as Michael Jackson's children.

Hot Mom

But not quite as black as Michael Jackson?

Love the elevator scene.


You must get up early to put all that white makeup on.


Hot Mom - I love how she keeps making eye contact with people in the elevator.
Caroline - I do, I do. It's also the reason I dont like to hug.

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