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November 16, 2010



Is that the inner ear thingy? If so, there's supposed to be some head movements therapists can do that "settles" the whatchamacallits causing the problem.

(Daughter and I have dizzy sometimes, but it's low blood pressure.)


Congratulations! After all this dithering about The New Normal, you have found it! Huzzah!


Isn't it amazing that having a knowledgeable professional tell you what exactly is going on, suddenly helps you feel better about it? It's like, Yes, this is my abnormality and I'm sooooo cool with it...
You need you some crystal alignment therapy, Baby!


~~Silk - Yes - I mentioned to the doctor I had heard an NPR report on ear crystals and how doctors can jiggle them out. He said some doctors specialize in that. I don't think I'm bad enough to need that, but I could have used it 2 years ago at the start of the trial.
Becs - And only 9 years after 9/11.
Mare - I love that I am so good at it! And yep, crystals need to be re-aligned. Only it isn't like they jiggle and the crystals fall right out, they jiggle, you stay on your side for a few hours, more jiggling. stay oput a few hours ... easier since this time is mild that I just be careful what angle I put my head into.


It's funny. I had quite a lot of dizziness a while ago but it rather suddenly went away. And a persistent ringing in my ear has become much less loud and annoying.


Hattie - the doctor did say the ear debris (I prefer crystals) could impair hearing. Maybe the debris moved from your inner canal to another part where it muffles what you hear.

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