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November 02, 2010



Noble of you to worry about the scientists. Me, I'd've concentrated all my worry on the prospect of lowering my bottom into undergrowth seething with rattlesnakes. (Comic Sans rattlesnakes, too: the very worst kind.) Inserting a thin layer of plastic bag between buttock and fang would have been neither here nor there.


Some lessons are learned the hard way. I may have to bring emergency kleenex to the Katy Trail. At lease Creve Coeur park has restrooms.


Note to self - purse pack of baby wipes are a GREAT idea.


I laugh, but it is a laugh of commiseration. My worst-ever GI flare was on a 2.5 hours car trip after 11 pm when most roadside stops are closed. A friendly bush would have been ideal. *hugs*


Hmm. Are you Gary's pet, or vice versa?


It's one thing to do it, but a totally different thing to publish it to the world. Thank you for not telling us at lunch.

Hot Mom

Those bags are for the dog.

The first picture reminds me of Arrested Development.


Big Dot - Priorities. Poop or death?
Mershy - But are there enough restrooms?
Tami - I wiggled during. It was effective.
Elisabeth - Ow. Sorry to hear it. I did see a man on the way back from Chicago today make the open car door - blanket tent for his son.
Magpie - Funny story. I was on the plane berating Gary for not telling me where my glasses were, and the woman in fornt of us looked at her husband in horror and pantomimed the whip-crack.
Caroline - Thank YOU for noticing I didnt.
Hot Mom- Ha! Didnt think of it but yes.

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