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November 05, 2010


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Letting this slide is exactly how petty dictatorships gain power, how decisions of convenience become tradition, and how idiocy in general prevails.


Well she was certainly the best dressed.


I see BNL next Friday, but Steve has inconsiderately scheduled his NJ show for a night when I cannot make it, no matter how hard I try. Seeing your review reminds me of The Vanity Project, though. I went to 2 VP shows, and the whole time I felt like the band wasn't happy to be there.

Hot Mom

Nutshell - BNL has lapsed into the over-rehearsed, overly-camped, sad, over-the-hill band that we want to see but feel ashamed of when we're there. Stephen Page is a meglomanical, self-obsessed ass who's own band won't make eye contact with him.

Shit. I've got tickets for Sunday. Good thing I'll be exhausted.


I do not like this Stephen person. He's too big for his britches. And he looks like Drew Carey.

I think you may have to change allegiances. Like to Bowling for Soup.

Or - I know! - Great Big Sea!


PS - thanks for the photos of other peoples' rear ends. I keep forgetting this is why I do not go to these shows.


Buy online Rx - I know i will regret this, but your comment is so random I have to keep it. No deletion for you.
Caroline - Steven wore a suit!
Tami - Well, I remember Allan (Hypo) was pretty pleased to be playing, but that was The Vanity Projects #1, and he didn't interact with them.
Hot Mom - "who's?" Really, Hot Mom? Besides, that's an exaggeration of what I said. Take off your crankypants!
Becs - A Beautiful version of Drew Carey. You have to see him live, and hear him live. Astonishingly all-forgivingly gorgeous. He was $25 in Chicago, that's a deal.

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