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November 11, 2010



Is this a stab at toilet humor?


I have never wanted to make sweet love to a blogger before. You have captured my heart.


I shouldn't send you a link to my own blog, but I have to: http://www.magpiemusing.com/2010/07/car-wash.html


There was only one bidet towel, even though they knew before we checked in that there would be four of us in the suite. That disturbs me.


Benchmark - "toilet" and "Stab" should never be used in the same sentence.
Raphael - you are a bidet devotee. No devotees please, except for toe boys.
magpie - that's where I heard it!
Caroline - Yes, that is so true. (They ordered a van to take me to the Chelsea handler show, because they thought we were all going.) Then again, they would have happily brought us as many bidet towels as we liked. Plus, do no forget: "Some wipe before washing, some wash before wiping, some wash only, and some wipe only."


I find the bidet also has a helpful effect on constipation. I believe some Japanese toilets have that facility too, they being as a people much more in tune with bodily functions than us uptight Western types. Tightass, even.


Big Dot - Well, that would certainly make sense, given how helpful enemas can be. For other people. Me, I like a constipation vacation. Lots more free time for me.

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