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October 21, 2010



Did you *have* to call it "the cheese"?



Ew, exactly. Even my fingertip on the phone screen feels dirty. Ew. Do we have to share the interweb with these people?


Tami - Man up!
Big Dot - I'm here, I'm pasteurized, get used to it.


I wish I had known you were going, I don't live but a few miles away. Pity.


Oh, I see I posted this in the wrong place> I live near Bloomington not the cheese.

I wore my work uniform wrong side out all day too.


Zayrina- How close to Bloomington? Because I'm going to say harsh things about Martinsville tomorrow.


I work in Martinsville part time. I live in Plainfield which is metro-Indy.

I can only imagine that you might be going to say things related to race relations because that is the stereotypical remark about Martinsville. UNINFORMED stereotypical remarks. So, be forewarned that if you launch into some type of rant about Martinsville that involves race relations I will conclude you to be uninformed and clueless.

Carry on.


Zayrina - Well, I quoted harsh things about Martinsville. And I never did find out where my rustic Klan sign was.

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