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October 14, 2010



Wow. This is like a whole novel.


Wow, it's like he has a superpower. I can't keep a secret at all - I'm so bad at it I wait until December to buy Xmas gifts because I'm afraid I'll cave and just tell them what I got.


Am I the only one who thinks Steve is creepy?


Becs: yes.


Magpie - if only he would get drunk more often. Then he might talk.
Amy_in_Stl - Gary can't because he'll just give them the present, nit just tell them about it.
Becs - No, those who don't appreciate a completely deadpan sense of humor could really be put off by him. But then, he just doesn't talk to those people. The first time I emailed him, he emailed back, "Stop emailing me." I thought he was serious. Now he's hysterical.
Mershy - Shhhh - do you know about the NSA stuff?

Hot Mom

Becs - you have to run the whole gamut with Steve before you can truly appreciate him. Creepy leads to rude leads to appreciatively weird leads to funny as hell.

As with the seven stages of grief, the time needed to make it through each step varies from person to person.


Hot Mom - that is very true.


My father has no idea that I've been dating the same man for almost 14 years. I never told him because he wouldn't approve of him.

Reading about Steve has made me revisit just how messed up that is.


TAMI - Wait, what? 14 years? Your father? That is a major sin of omission!


I find his sense of humor refreshing. He is extremely intelligent, very funny, and according to a couple of people who would know, hung like a horse. I think it is odd that co-workers expect so much transparency. Could it be some of you lack interesting lives? Having met Reagan at one of his parties last year, I know that she is funny also, is a moderate republican, is very pretty, and is able to juggle wine glasses. Memorable Reagan quote: "Motion of the ocean my ass, it's the size of the wave."


I call my room mate Trixie, but I'm guessing that's not her, above me.

So, yeah, major sin of omission, I know. We haven't been together the whole time, there's 4 1/2 years of non-togetherness in that 14. Still, I know that my father absolutely disapproves of Jews dating non-Jews, holding on to that prejudice for dear life. I know how he reacted to my sister dating outside our religion. I know that I'm not likely to ever get married. So I omit.

I'm also pretty sure that my dad thinks that I'm a very lonely old spinster who's never... um... never. I'm all right with letting him think that, as well. It rankles a little, but once again, easier.


All you have is your soul. Be true to it.


Trixie - (HI Trixie!) Oh, you lie. Steve would never date a moderate republican.
Tami - Well, that's really more along the lines of not telling your dad about your sex life. If your dad were Catholic you wouldn't even have to get that 14 year old relationship annulled.

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