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October 14, 2010



Actually, I think that's a law locally, too. I've heard about it on the news the past few years.

You could do what a bunch of people in my neighborhood do. They just leave a bowl of candy on the porch with a note to take some. I've never seen those bowls empty, so the kids seem to be respectful. You can go to minimum effort, avoid all contact with children, and not get labeled a pedophile.


Caroline - Well, but we're gone all weekend. So it would be a frosty cold bowl.


If you don't let registered pedophiles hand out candy, we will have solved the problem of pedophilia once and for all.


Hattie - no, still have puppies.

Hot Mom

We leave a bowl on our doorstep. It's always empty when we get home.

Oh, and we don't decorate. We don't have any decorations but that's beside the point.


Hot Mom - Hm. We get in late that evening. I might just ignore it entirely.

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