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September 14, 2010



Well, though I use a feed reader I usually come here directly because it's quicker than waiting (I'm a hot off the press sort of person) plus it looks nicer. It's like coming to your house instead of talking on the phone.

What's so much better about Typepad? Am o, as a Blogspotter, a second-class citizen?


I have to come here. I have to comment. I can't comment from my reader. :)


You're moving a static blog? What do you hope to accomplish besides a time suck? I'm glad you already stopped that.

You should obsess more about Paris, it's more productive.


Big Dot - Really, Typepad just has more options that I never use (including the ability to have two blogs, mine and Mom's).
Magpie - Ah! And you have excerpts in your feed, so I always come see yours.
Tami - It wasn't rational,I know. Actually, tonight I kept getting amped up for Paris and then I'd distract myself. All that's left is to pluck my eyebrows, and pack.


I always prefer the sites. Really, my blog links are my online bookmarks. A readers sounds smart and thrifty and time-saving, hence why it hasn't happened in my world yet.


Elisabeth - You know what I need? I need a way to keep track of what blogs I've commented on. I often try to go back and see if there's a response, but usually I forget what I said to who. There should be an app for THAT.

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