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August 25, 2010



Now imagine that your central a/c stopped working in 8/16. The night that went down to 64 degrees almost made me weep with joy.


You sound right cheery! Rick Steves will guide you through Paris like a champ! I love Rich Steve's Paris.


Today I was screwing off at work and ran across an article about the best sites to see in London if you only get a week. I get to the bottom to see that the author was the one-and-only Rick Steves, who I never would have known about if it hadn't been for you. I rolled my eyes in his general direction (and his article wasn't even helpful!)

Glad to hear you're having a great day!


Tami - Yikes! Is it fixed?
Hatttie- I am often cheery, I'm just easily distracted. This morning I was on the p-atio next to the rose bush and a hummingbird flew right in front of my face. After a few seconds a giant bee showed up in the rose bush and I saw it in the corner of my eye. I glanced at the bee and when I looked back, the hummingbird was gone. That's too symbolic of my life lately.
Tonya - Even better is the COncierge.com article on 10 things NOT to do in Paris (not by Rick Steves): http://www.concierge.com/ideas/hotspots/tours/501423


Ah! Nice change of pace. We should be getting our autumn teaser tonight.


I've been hesitating to admit this because it seems a bit stalkerish, but I entered Saint Louis on my iPhone world weather list, and have been astonished, amazed, stunned and stonkered by the extreme range of your temperatures. Truly.


I can feel the autumn too. My friend and I took our kids to one of those pioneer-type village things yesterday and it was sunny but no humidity. Blissful.


Becs - Enjoy!
Big Dot - It's not the extreme range of our temperatures, it's the humidity.
Allison - It's particularly obvious in the shade.


My a/c is not fixed. I am dreading Sunday, which is supposed to be back in the 90's. I do not know why the circuit board ordered on Friday afternoon is not yet arrived, but I weep with despair about it.


Tami - buuuut -it's fixed now, right?


I'm melting my way to a higher weight. No, I don't understand how that works, either.


Tami - Uh, it's the added weight of water in the humid air pressing on the scale?

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