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August 09, 2010



Please don't feel guilty for being content. You have the right to enjoy your life and be happy. I'm so sorry to hear about Mac. You once, very wisely, told me to focus on the years I had to enjoy my Maximus, and not the fact that he was gone, so I now send that wisdom back through the interwebz to you. I know it doesn't help (nothing does, honestly) but it's worth a try.


and I sent you a bluntcard, so when you see it in your mailbox, it's not spam. ps


Shania - Thank you for re-gifting that useless information! :)
All - FYI, the card is funny. It says, "Whatever comes after cougar, that's what you are. Happy Birthday!"


Ugh. Dogs should be death-proof. So sorry.


Allison - yes. Cute should not be allowed to die.

Big Dot

My cats have had renal problems for years now and continue to live just to spite the rest of the family. Maybe Mac will hang on too. But sorry to hear that.

And happy birthday.

coffeejitters (Judy Haley)

Happy Birthday

poor Mac I hope hes not in too much pain


I'm so sorry. I don't know how it goes with dogs, but with cats, they can sometimes go on for years with subcu-fluids and special food.


Is Mac at the stage where they recommend subcutaneous fluid or just K/D for now?


So sorry about your dog. I DO blame the Universe (I'm just bitchy like that). Lots of petting seems in order (take that however you want). Happy birthday regardless; gotta celebrate days that only come once a year! Hey ... that's all of 'em ...


It's so painful to lose a beloved pet. I hope the others are right and he will be ok a while with a diet change. Seems to me that Jammies' older dog was diagnosed with renal failure a while back and had a diet change and is hanging in there at this point.


Ugh and argh, but I hope things work out better than the doc predicts. And happy birthday no matter what!


Happy Birthday!

Bummer about the dog. We had a cat go through that. He lasted about three years from diagnosis, on a special diet.


How old is Mac? He's going to need a low protein diet. My Phaedra (a.k.a. "Puppy") went into renal failure when she was about 14, and she made it to 19+ with a strict diet. The keyword is strict. No snacks or treats! That could be harder on Gary than on Mac.

Happy Birthday to you! Um, what comes after cougar is panther (60). I'm into panther. You are a mere cougar, I suspect. Snarl.


Happy Birthday. Or, I guess birthmonth. And sorry to hear about Mac--although I think it's reasonable we entertain the idea that he has bribed the vet into telling you this in order to see just how much further Gary will go in terms of food arrangements. Certainly a terminal diagnosis deserves home-made gravy.


Ugh. My dog Rex died of Renal failure at 16. I made rice with a little cooked chicken every night for him (I didn't ever cook for myself). He wouldn't eat the Science Diet stuff because it was too tasteless. Maybe he's faking? Crap, sorry.... I don't do well with death.


Big Dot - He just seems so happy and healthy right now. Poor widda guy.
coffeejitters (Judy Haley)- Hi Judy! - YOU have a photo of ginger cookies on your blog! I have never seen anything look so tasty. Thanks for your thoughts. And I did check my boobies after reading your About page.
Becs -Cats have milder cases, for some reason.
Mershy - Won't know till end of week.
Wyo - He's been very cuddly today. Bless him.
Zayrina - He's always been soooo healthy. He's pretty old for a silky terrier. They all have to go sometime.
Elisabeth - Well, who knows. I guess we find out the more accurate prognosis Friday.
Magpie - Yep. Cats have it easier, damn it.
~~Silk - He's been talking about indulging the dog, but he's been good so far.
Erin - Mac just gave me the best birthday present ever - he ate two plates of the yucky food.
Amy_in_StL - Ha! Munchausen's Puppy!


I considered leaving chocolate cake on your porch tonight but wouldn't want Gary to either justify six slices or throw away uneaten yumminess.

Mrs. Hall


oh. and I mentioned the wee henry on my blog today.

so there's that too.



Belated Happy Birthday (and it's just the beginning of birthmonth?)!
So sorry to hear about Mac - fingers crossed for good news on Friday. I've had 3 so far with that diagnosis (Root Beer, Muttley, and Rusty), and two of them made it to a ripe old age with a careful diet and some treatment. The third was a hot mess in many other ways, and she still made it to 15, so there's hope. Many hugs, to you and Mac.


Caroline - That would have been funny, but it is the thought that counts.
Mrs Hall - Wee Henry!
Mare - Turns out we dont find out for another two weeks. But he LOVES the food! So happy.


Oh, crap, I'm sorry.

However, Zayrina is exactly right. Littlefoot was diagnosed in May with mild to moderate kidney failure, has been eating Science Diet K/D ever since, and is just as weird and annoying as he has ever been. AND he's a fourteen-year-old large dog. I'm sure if he had a brain, he would use it to send good thoughts to Mac.


Jammies - that's good news. I remember a Littlefoot health problem but I didnt remember it was kidney disease. The only one I knew about was Marcia's dog 7 years ago. Mac just finished his water flush treatment and goes back on the 26th to see how he's doing. Keep a good thought.


I will do that. And a belated happy birthday, Spunkeh.

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