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July 14, 2010



I don't get it. Should I get it?


Allison - for quite some time, the only visitors to this blog besides Becs, Silk, and my Mom were fans of toe porn. Seriously, an image search on "toe porn xxx" would take you right to my toes. So, I decided to capitalize on my toes appeal and take photos of my toes on vacation, my toes eating pizza, etc.

Then someone googled "spunky labia" and got here because someone had commented Ginger Rogers was spunky, and I'm sure my labia and their problems could fill a category. So my toes became "Spunky Labia, International Toe Porn Superstar." I am the Appendage.

And now for some reason, no one is searching for Spunky Labia anymore. So now Spunky is desperate for attention.

OR perhaps that wasn't your question. She's wearing a cock ring.


Well - that was edifying on so many levels. Thanks. I think. :)


Welcome back Spunky! Hattie "gets it." You know what gets the most hits on my blog? Camping Porn. Try it. It's a whole genre of porn, evidently, most appealing to Europeans.



You are the most matter-of-fact user of COMPLETELY obscene terms that I know. I am saddened that I recognized the jewelry, and saddened that I know what the phrase regarding being spunky means to those who search for it. I got to this place by being easily bored. When you're searching for anything or anyone that can surprise you (for a change), often you wind up with utter and complete filth as a side effect.

Your Over-filth-educated-but-not-really-a-bad-person Fan


Even with that, you still aren't ranking on lijit search. :( I think you may have to move into toe bondage. They have all kinds of splints and little caps in the old farts with bad feet section of CVS.


I see friend #2 is getting more search attention than your toes lately.

Do you forsake your numbered friends who read you before you were x rated at Starbucks?


Allison - Spunky does what she can.
Hattie - I am afraid to look.
Tami - You are of the world. There are advantages to that.
Becs - I thought made a "dog" collar next.
Caroline - Hit Mom, yes, and what is with the "Good wife" search?

Hot Mom

Wow. I never thought to put ours on toes. Does his dick stay hard like that?


Hot Mom - Oh, like he'd ever wear that. He doesn't even take aspirin.

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