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July 12, 2010


Amy in StL

Ooo, we didn't even get rain here darnit. I love a good thunderstorm especially with the fun of a power outage. As long as it doesn't last too long when it's this muggy outside. Mainly because my first thought when the power is out for more than a few hours in the summer is always, "No A/C? That's fine. I'm a survivor, I can cope. I have a fan I'll just plu... crap!"

Then I also have to play the "Is it worth it to open the fridge for that?" game. That's way more fun with my 87 yo dad who freaks out when you open the fridge when the power is out. To the point that mom and I had to coordinate a fridge raid back in 2006 when we had the big storm. I got the job of grabbing goods while she held the door because I'm younger and quicker.


In theory I rise above power cuts. In practice, I roam about the house getting more and more frustrated as every alternative activity I think of needs electricity. It's a rough world where you can't even make the best of things by catching up with the ironing.


It was a good power outage - baby was in bed, oldest was just going to bed, not too hot to be without AC. I read chic lit by the glow of my husband's mag light. Then just as I was about to go to sleep, power came back on and everything in the house turned on. So naturally I stayed up another hour watching TV.


Lots of lightning, but my power stayed on through the night. I keep going back to four years ago, when we lost power for four days (and we were lucky: some people were without power for a couple weeks). No, that was not fun. Thank goodness for libraries with free WiFi and AC.


We had fun with power outages for a while. Half the electrcity in our house would go out, and the other half would stay on. Then we fixed the wiring.
The two major power outages I've experienced were in the Pacific Northwest and caused by winter storms. No fun, unless you like the good old days of sitting for warmth by the fire and stirring the pot.


Amy in StL - I love the image of the 2006 Fridge Raid!
Big Dot - It isnt even easy to get out of the garage! That's what gets me.
Caroline - Yeah, I stayed in bed myself. It's amazing how much light a Blackberry can give out.
Kathy - I don;t think Ameren's recovered form that PR disaster. We all hated them so much!
Hattie - Thankfully the wires in my area are buried, so it's hard for an ice storm to get to us.

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