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July 11, 2010



If Gary got bitten, it wasn't a Japanese beetle. Japanese beetle jaws aren't strong enough to break the skin or draw blood. I wonder if there's some kind of stigmata for bugs.

Your neighbor isn't helping with that lure, BTW. Turns out they attract Japanese beetles, so when you put them up, they attract beetles from the entire neighborhood, but actually trap only a small percent of them. The rest munch on your shrubs. Milky spore and lady bugs are the only safe cures.

Melissa Gregory

I have one of these shirts. I'm scared now.


Now I miss my Atari. The Activision games were awesome.


Silk is killing me - stigmata for bugs is definitely what Gary had! I wonder why I don't get that for arachnids?


Silk - My research says they bite when trapped.
Melissa - Gary says strangers love that shirt. Not just bugs.
Tami - I had ann apple 2e
any in stl- one bite WAS on the spear side!


I had crappy Intellivision. Isn't it amazing the games we thought were awesome as kids? Today's kids would laugh in disgust.


Caroline - I was entranced by Monkey Island (?) - green text on a black screen.

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