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July 18, 2010



The men in my family are also hand shakers. Words cannot express how horrified my Euro husband (where a kiss on each cheek is as minimally affectionate as you get) was the first time he saw my grandfather shake his seven sons' hands at his surprise birthday party--as though it were some kind of meet and greet with a really lame band.


Good Lord. What will Gary do in Paris when he meets M. Le President?


My father grew up in a distant family and never got the hang of hugs. I think he confused them with handshakes: you know, firm and manly. It was actually pretty painful for my sisters and me: we had to be quick to slip one arm between our boobs so they didn't get completely flattened when he squashed us to his chest. We never had the heart to complain, but I wonder now if he was ever puzzled by his girls' one-armed hugs.


Sarah - Grandpa and the Seven Sons - yes, it does sound kind of lame, sad to say. When he's here does he adopt the hand shake or does he go in for kisses?
Becs - He will stare at the model-wife's legs.
Big Dot - Ha! I always went with the clavicle hug. The clavicle makes contact, but the rear is stuck out far enough that there is no nipple contact.


Nipple contact can be a problem. Your MIL sounds like a perfect drama queen.


Hattie - she is calm compared to her children. Besides, she has an element of honesty drama queens don't have.

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