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July 20, 2010



Pantomime? I'm CRYING with laughter.

My brother-in-law's name is Andrew Eagleson and once in his student house he was busted in on by a camera crew looking for Alan Eagleson.


Allison - That Alan Eagleson guy sounds like quite a character.

Hot Mom (aka Friend #2)

Correction: I said I'm telling my KIDS that sex is "if a private part of one person makes contact with any part of another person, that's sex."

I have my own definition. Then again, I'm a grown woman who pays my own bills. I can make up my own mind about stuff.


Hot Mom - Perhaps the issue really should be parsed into "Sex that can get you pregnant so that your parents never get a break" and "Fun Sex / Safe sex" But then of course teens would be all "I want the baby-making sex!"

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