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June 08, 2010



1) Call me sentimental, but that's nice enough for me. It means something to them, and that's important.

2)If you get thrown into a volcano on your way home from Paris by terrorists, you will still have seen Paris.

3) I'm on a diet again. Mostly because I *do* need the extra seat, and want to still fit nicely in first class on my way to Florida for my birthday this year. Thank goodness for credit cards that give you airline miles. I'm more width than depth.

Once again, your posts speak to me as if you were actually speaking to me.


"It is amazing the boy ever enjoys anything." That is so sad.


If I had a dollar for every time my mom pushed me to lose weight in a friendly way I'd be.... Well, I'd be lying on the couch eating bonbons. I told her on Monday that I weighed in at the gym and I lost a pound. Last night I told her that I was having a small Grass Fed beef steak with a salad and a smore for dinner. And I was excited that I'd thought to buy chocolate for smores so I didn't waste the charcoal fire on just one steak. Her only comment was, "Don't gain the pound back."


I could believe that your MIL was the inspiration for Marie on *Everybody loves Raymond*.


Ooooh, that would have made me 'HULK SMASH' mad.


If you get thrown into a volcano by terrorists on your way TO terrorists we'll all be able to tell romantic stories about how you almost made it, just like the couple who almost got engaged on a mountain in TN until they got struck by lightning and she died.

Of course then we'll smack each other on your behalf for being sappy.


OK, that should be TO Paris, of course. I doubt you're heading to terrorists on purpose.

Erin G

Um. Seat extender WHAT?! No. COME ON. Y'all. If either one of you sat down next to me on a plane, it would be fine. I don't think you'd spill over into my space. And don't be all commenting back like "well, you're little" - no, I really don't think you'd spill over. Go make some chocolate swirly bread. Really.

Big Dot

My husband's brother and his wife gave us a roll of used carpet, a single home-assembled wardrobe and a broken cocktail cabinet for our wedding, all their cast-offs. (He's a millionaire, by the way.)

So a family heritage china bell? You were lucky! At least you don't have to keep it.

And I think there comes a time when even parents aren't allowed to make remarks like that any more, on account of their being so RUDE.


Tani - I looked into how I can convert my Mastercard points into first class and I couldn't see how to do it. I need to keep looking.
~~Silk - I need to get him out of the house more this summer.
Amy_in_StL - Mom did that too. Until she hit her sixties and began gaining weight herself.
Zayrina - My Mom always thought that about Wilma and Marie too. But you can't get too mad at Wilma, she isn't manipulative like Marie, just honest.
Shania - I wasn't there; I only heard about it 3rd person. Gary stayed cool, though.
Caroline - Ohhhhh ... man .. I didn't hear that about the engaged couple. Where did you hear that? Was it that Paul Harvey guy you conservatives listen to?
Erin - Well,that's what I thought too. I think the issue is Wilma is little, so we must seem mammoth to her.
Big Dot - That is a good way to think of it. I do really like the bell. Just it seemed like, "Here's a bell, fat people."


A women today was telling me about her fat friend and how last time she went somewhere she made a point of parking far enough from where they are going so they would have to walk. When her friend said, "We could have parked closer," the woman said, "Well, I like to walk, it's good exercise." She said, "I like to set a good example."
I said to her, surprising myself a bit, as I tend to be polite, mostly, "I'm sure she enjoyed being reminded that she was fat and needed more exercise so she could be slim like you."


Hattie - I think I might love you now.


Paul Harvey died at least a year ago. I read that story on stltoday.com this week. And I'll have you know that I listen to NPR on the weekends.


Thank you, my Queen.


I shan't go into a discussion of my youthful weight problems and my mother, because I know my mother believed everything a doctor ever told her no matter how much it screwed her over because Doctors were God. I will add only this -- 6th grade, amphetamines for weight loss and Valium for the nervousness caused by the Amphetamines. For breakfast.


Caroline - You know Paul Harvey's neice works at TeddyJ. I had Articulate class with her.
Hattie - I wave graciously.
Sherri - I know someone with the same story, and it shocks me.

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