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May 26, 2010



In my defence, the reason I'm such a very big dot is that I do a great deal of sitting - in front of my computer alone here at home, churning out tedious drivel, and I'm both easily distracted and have no self-discipline. It's just too easy to click over and see if anyone else has been visiting the Queen.

And I'm usually first in here because your late-night post is my conscience-free afternoon tea break.

Oh, all right, I have no life.


Does it pick up feed readers? Because I switched to googlereader a while ago. Kept me from checking compulsively looking for updates. Now I just check google reader compulsively for updates.


Big Dot - That's okay, you don't need to make excuses. I'm hypnotized by all kinds of crap.
Erin - Yep, sure does. I just pared MY google reader list down to only blogs that have updated in the last month. Next I need to update the list here.

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