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May 10, 2010



Love love love that last one.

Buy Gary some Hershey's Kisses and call it a day.


I love Gary. It's just a delightful bonus that he has the same name as Spongebob's pet snail. I tried the President's Choice salted caramels and I wish I hadn't until I had the quintessential reaction to emulate.


Vosges is about the best thing ever to happen to chocolate. I'm not a huge salted/chocolate lover, mostly because I don't like salt a great deal. However, Vosges has addicted me to combinations in chocolate I would never, ever, EVER have thought worthwhile. Wasabi and black sesame? Sounds like ick, tastes like a Vosges Black Pearl bar, which I will happily eat. Vosges also does a hot, spicy, chocolate toffee which is HIGHLY addictive and too damned expensive *sigh* although I want some right now.

And I'll eat ALL your dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is a pale, dry, evil thing. Lindt 99% bar, baby, and a little melted caramel. I cede all milk chocolate to you.


Vosges is carried at Whole Foods.I like the one that has green tea in it.

I generally don't like dark chocolate unless it's really good quality; otherwise it's bitter and sucks all the moisture out of your mouth.


We have an opened bar of Lindt 99% cocoa solids dark chocolate in the pantry that's been there for 2 years - in a house with 2 teenage girls (and me), where the level of the jar of drinking chocolate drops visibly in the course of a single day (yet, oddly, the milk appears untouched).

It's vile, vile stuff and an insult to the fine name of chocolate.


Magpie - Hershery's Special Dark, that's what he likes.
Allison - I've never seen Spongebob. (Your life is so exotic to me.) But I looked it up on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_(SpongeBob_SquarePants)#Gary
(My Gary never pays the electric bills. Sometimes he is a slug though.)
Sherri - Okay, we cannot be the same species. Why not cilantro chocolate? Crazy!
Amy_in_StL - It IS bitter. How do you feel about White Chocolate? I think it is an abomination.
Big Dot - The gauntlet has been thrown! Chocolate Wars.


White chocolate should be banished from the chocolate family gatherings until it can find some taste.


Oh, but... a world without macadamia and white chocolate chip cookies? Sob.


Amy_in_StL - Or, some chocolate genes. There's no chocolate in it! Switched at Birth Chocolate.
Big Dot - Sure, they'd just be called Macadamia and White Fondant cookies.


(You did notice what I did there, right?)


Big Dot - No. Damn. Wait - Wikipedia says Macadamia nuts are an iconic Austrailian food. Is that it?


No! Though they are, you're right, and I ate my share whilst in Queensland (we are quite clear about Australia and New Zealand being separate countries, aren't we) - but no, I'd translated for you. Cookies = biscuits. And not your breakfast thingies, which are another thing entirely, that I'm actually not quite sure about.


Big Dot - And what are digestive crackers? Graham crackers? And I think Little Red Boat just said cookies are crunchy and biscuits are sweet?

Bicuits are scones, but lighter, like pastry.


Hmm. I do make scones the same way I make biscuits, cutting the shortening into the dry ingredients, and then adding liquids. I guess they *are* very similar! I never cut my biscuits into triangles, though.


Digestive biscuits (not crackers) are wholemeal, slightly sweet and can be eaten with cheese, or made into a cheesecake base, but best of all dunked in tea. Is that a Graham cracker?

Biscuits ARE cookies - crunchy and sweet. (And delicious!)

I have no idea how a scone could be like pastry.


...how is a raven like a writing desk?



Tami- My scone recipe explained "scones are like rich biscuits."
Big Dot - Yes, thats a Graham cracker named after Mr Graham, a very unsexy man: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/394/is-it-true-graham-crackers-were-invented-to-cure-the-dread-fever-of-lust
Tami - Since I was there anyway:


I thought I was the only one that craved salty chocolate during my time of the month! DQ buster bars contain this delightful combination, with the added bonus of ice cream.


Stephanie - But why have peanuts when you can have pecans? And ... two words... Pretzel Flipz.

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