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May 12, 2010



I'm wearing a cardboard belt!

(The Producers is one of the all time great movies.)


Magpie - "I'm WET! I'm hysterical and I'm WET!" and our favorite, "He keeps boids."

Marianna Scheffer

Sometimes you bond instantly with your infant, and sometimes you don't

The Expert on Motherhood


I've never managed to sit through the Producers all the way. At some point, I am incredibly embarrassed and must go into the other room.

I've not had an infant of my own, but with kittens and puppies, it can sometimes take a few weeks for full bonding, especially when cleaning up puppy poo off the carpet.

Apropos of nothing at all, I must tell you this stupid thing. There's a fairly new commercial for a product called "Colon Flow". It's some sort of super laxative for those who (according to the commercial) poop once a day or less. It makes me think of two things -- you, and some obscure joke I can't really remember except that it referred to something as "Colon Blow".

Both of these associations disturb me, so I'm confessing here in hopes they will go away and bother someone else.


I'm now recalling the SNL sketch called "Colon Blow". It had Phil Hartman on a giant pyramid/mountain of cereal, and was pretty funny.

I've also realized that I have no idea what "regular" really means, and I find that incredibly disturbing.


Hattie - From her letters, Mom bonded with Dave and not so much with me. So, goes to show.
Sherri - Actually,my little friend Colon now comes to visit me every day. My inner child is VERY proud of us.
Tami - Colonblow. Real stuff. http://www.colonblow.com/

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