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May 10, 2010



I hate dragging out goodbyes. I usually wind up doing something so rude that people think it's hilarious. You know, like I say, "I'm throwing you out of my house, now! Get out! Get out! I'll call you Tuesday! I had a great time! Get OUT!".

I kind of hate Mother's Day.


Goodbyes are hopelessly unregulated. My personal irritation is with the "Well, we really ought to go" followed by not even the slightest twitch towards standing up, and another half-hour of desultory conversation. We should all aim to be like the SAS: swoop in, do the business, swoop out.

And Canada? Well, at least you'll still get some French that way. Without the rudeness.


Wait, so it's okay to get yelled at in French in Paris, but not Canada? Racist. ;)


Tami - Once I did end Tea with "TEA is OVER at SIX."
Big Dot - I think perhaps the hostess should say, "Here, I will walk you out," and hold open the door.
Trisha - Oh, not at all, just in France they will take pity and speak English eventually, but I understand the Quebecois will give no quarter.

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