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April 06, 2010



Yeah, but you missed the bit where they stayed alive by eating BARK. From the prop shafts in the pit. Nibbling away like beavers in the dark, weighing nutrition against the likelihood of causing a collapse.

And some say carpentry can be dangerous.


I've suffered from having NPR infiltrate my early morning consciousness. I've had some very damn strange dreams because of NPR. It's like a drug, but the side effects are less apparent.


You know I don't even listen to NPR, anymore. I just wait for my friends to report the NPR news to me. It works way better than you'd think, and I have more time for music.


Big Dot - Ew. But, isn't the world's largest dam in China? That must have inspired them to be the beaver.
Sherri - There should be a term. NPREM (pronounced "En" "pee" "arr" "ee" "em")
Tami - At least Gary has stopped saying "National Public Radio" instead of NPR. That saves time.


According to Supernatural, it's the Apocalypse. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.


3 - Supernatural is to you : (as) Barenaked Ladies is to me.

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