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April 28, 2010


Carolyn Cordon

Umm, this is being satirical and humorous, right? I so hope so.

Big Dot

HA HA! Splendid form you're on today, Queen.


We need Cesar to come here next. Nothing better than being barked at by a pug.


I do my damndest to be all Cesar when around my friends' dogs. Their dogs love me.

Then again, maybe it's the bacon in my pocket.


Carolyn Cordon - (hi) I can see how this would concern you as a dog trainer / breeder. Are you concerned Cesar believes affection comes last or that Mac gets a cone of food?
Big Dot - Friend #3's idea
Kate - Is it a demanding sharp bark? Mac could show up on sonar.
Sherri -Bacon makes everyone friends.

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