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April 25, 2010



If you wont wear short sleeves or capris, won't you roast?

Mrs. Hall

Hey, rock on with the vacation there. And cute bear set up. Excellent!

so, I had my own Fuck You moment with medical professionals.

wrote about it here:


viva la revolucion!


If you think you even slightly resemble Gabourey Sidibe, we need to hold an intervention.

That said, I wanted to high five her after her monologue. We should all be so secure.


Shania - Well, I would if I went outdoors in the summer, I suppose.
Mrs Hall - I growl with you. RAWR! Know when to say No.
Caroline - It's a slippery slope.


THAT is pretty damn funny. Off to thank Magpie now....


Heidi - Hi Heidi! Tell Magpie hello.

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