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April 21, 2010



I heart you. :)


Such a pity that such things get ignored by those who could best use the message...


"I like the way he bows."



I heart you.


Seriously? Someone beat me to "I heart you?"


There is seriously no way to tell you how much this makes me love you. None.


I want a firetruck! That would be AWESOME! And you CAN park it anywhere!


I should start writing to Republicans. You have too much fun.


I should also write to more Republicans. However, I live in South Carolina, home of one of the top 5 Stupid US Governors (and lt. Gov, and a host of Congressmen who do embarrassing things like yell at the President). People here have lots of guns and are very Republican, and they will defend their stupid choices rather than hear anyone say they were wrong.

So I'll wait until we move to, say, Pennsylvania or some place like that.


Even I, as one of your Republican friends, think it is hilarious.


Erin -Heart you back!
Laurel - (You have the best blog link EVER) I bet the republicans will be swayed by that and change their tune.
Kathy - I bet he practices that bow.
Christy - I Less Than Three you
Angie - Kisses!
Tami - You could hose people! Ha! Hose!
Magpie - Well, c'mon! They sent me the form!
Sherri - But didn't SC spawn Steven Colbert?
Caroline - I know YOU would never be that obvious. Your fund-raising letters would be completely above-board.


I may love you more than Rachel Maddow at this very moment...


LOVE this!
It must have been so much fun too.


Kristie - Blasphemy! Rachel is the most Beloved of all Liberals.
Gaoo- It was cathartic.


We're registered as Independents; every other week we get questionnaires from the Republican Party asking if we are happy with the way Obama and the Democrats are destroying the American dream. I tell them I love it.


Love, love, love this!


First, hello to subrubancorrespondent and annettek.
subrubancorrespondent - I wrote "TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST" at the end of the form. We will see if it works!
annettek - Thanks for making it here!

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