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April 10, 2010



OMG, you're near St Louis, right? If I leave now, I can be there tomorrow. Wait for meeeeeee


I'm a little nervous to discover that you're giving me a partial credit for this er, project. But full marks for perseverance. I'm sitting here on the other side of the world waiting for the climax. It's a bit like the moon landing.

Also, that's a nifty measuring jug, what a clever design.




Shania - We could have used your help. Only one friend finished her slice.
Big Dot - I know. A gift from Mom. If there's no KMart in NZ, look up "Oxo Angled Measuring Cup" on the net.
Hattie - Well, everyone agreed that the real piecrust - chocolate combo was successful, but the raspberry was too icy and tart.


I'm not a fan of raspberry, but everything else was great. I couldn't finish my serving.

Is 1/6 of piepiepiepie equivalent to 1.5 pies?


What the hell is wrong with you. PIE IS GOOD ENOUGH WITHOUT YOU MAKING IT INTO SOME SORT OF HYBRID MONSTER. Stop it! You're like the Dr. Moreau of desserts!

Also, that's the same measuring cup that I have. I have the 1-cup, 2-cup-4-cup set. They're awesome.


You can play Dr Moreau of Desserts at my house ANY TIME.


Caoline - I don't know. Is that a math joke?
Tami - Well, I have the 2 oz 1, 2, 4 cup set! Where's your 2 oz? Hah! And I can make Frankenpie or MoreauPie or Grapple/Tangelo Pie or anything I want.
velocibadgergirl - Next I'm thinking a cake / cheesecake combo.


Yours came with a 2oz? I feel so ripped off.

Grapple pie sounds great, and I'm totally down with cake/cheesecake combos, but all the pie crust involved in these pie-to-the-eighth desserts make me itchy. I really only like crusts on the outside of things. Eh, Maybe I'm just PMS-ing. Certainly I'm the girl who put white chocolate cream cheese buttercream on the outside of a cheesecake so I could decorate it.


I have the 2oz one of those cups. I used it just yesterday, to make myself a margarita.

The PiePiePiePie is a thing of very great beauty and imagination.


(Yes, Tami, too much crust, that's what I reckon too. That's why the RING system would work so well.)

Cake and cheesecake: now you're talking. How about a carrot cake with a cheesecake insert? Or several, if you want to be fancy. Aim for a flat, bull's-eye effect (ha) rather than a mountain.

We have K-Mart here, and Oxo brand stuff: I think this will be an easy quest.


Tami - Have you ever taken an unbaked piecrust, flattened it out, covered it with sugar and cinnamon and baked it? Gary introduced me to that. No such thing as Too Much Crust.
Magpie - The right tool for the right job. A shotglass with an exact measurement. I'm using mine as a shotglass from now on.
Big Dot - Hm - but what will keep it from disconnecting when it is served? I could dip it in chocolate...


Maybe one piecrust to rule them all?


Big Dot - I like that idea. Give me a month or so.


You make cinnamon toast with pie crust? Huh. You're not making your own crusts, right? So I don't have to worry that you're doing something like adding pounds of sugar to it, do I?


Tami - Hahahaha. I could never make my own crust. I let the Doughboy do it.

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