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April 23, 2010



I think we all have psychic abilities to some degree. We just have to be willing to listen.


Heard about a man yesterday who got goosebumps every time he got into an irrigation ditch to clear a pump, and when a HUGE croc was caught in it, was all "Woo, spooky, sixth sense" and the croc man told him "Nah, the croc sends out vibrations through the water, that's what you felt." So that made the farmer feel much better, of course.

Maybe you're just picking up vibes. Great party trick, though.


Nope, ~~Silk missed it. I went to bed 5 minutes before Celeste popped her colt. I'm two for two down now on the horses.

My mother was able to predict the sex of a baby with 100% accuracy, and I always know when a friend is pregnant before she does.


Shania - Hm. Could be. I need more evidence.
Big Dot - I always think there's a rational explanation, too. Perhaps there's a smell preganant women give off? Of course the odds aren't with me. It's only four people out of the dozens who have been pregnant. (And my party trick is my Marcus-Gunn pupils.)
Silk - I knew when Friend #3 was pregnant, sort of. I knew she looked radically different. I asked if she'd had a nose job.

Big Dot

Um, Marcus-Gunn pupils???


Big Dot-Seriously, they don't have Google in NZ? Shine a light in my eye, the opposite pupil appears to constrict.


My party trick used to be tying a cherry stem in to a knot with my tongue. After that, it was crushing beer cans between my breasts. After that it was nothing, because I realized that my party tricks were not just desperate, but *trashy* and desperate.

Ah, youth.

Wait - you're psychic?


Tami - Well, maybe. The work baby was born at 8 Friday night, and if I hear the labor began at 10:57 Thursday morning, then I'm golden.


The day you wrote this, my redneck cousin went into labor after we took her for a swim. She delivered the next morning.


Rayleen - well, I might just take credit for it. I'll find out in the next few weeks if I was close with the work baby.

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