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April 24, 2010



Hmph. Should just call 'em "Rodent Races" and cover everything.

Gerbils make stinky cages.


This is the kind of hard hitting investigative journalism we need more of. Imagine trying to pass gerbils off as mice. It's a scandal.
I'm glad you were there.


Sherri- Gary kept a gerbil, who eventually climbed up Gary's body and hurled itself from Gary's shoulder. And I'm sure it was stinky. But Gary loved it.
Hattie - You know, technical father was an actual investigative journalist. That's where I get it.


I'm still amused that you can't tell the difference between sister 3.2 and sister 3.3. You'll get another chance at trivia next week.


Oops. 4.2 and 4.3. You'd think I could remember my own number.


Caroline - I think I have them straight now. It's just I imagined them with each other's faces.

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