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April 12, 2010


Big Dot

Blood is blood. Even if it's cold.


Arrangements like this are always cold, but believe you me, they're absolutely necessary. Anyway, maybe she was dissing his health, and not your marriage's staying power.

I realize that's really depressing. Jeez, now I'm sad.

Erin G.

That kinda made me laugh out loud, tho. In a weird I-shouldn't-laugh-but-I'm-laughing kind of way.

If Gary's not around...? He'll probably outlive us all! :P


I'm curious whether she expected to outlive Gary or your marriage.

My mom wrote her will basically to exclude any spouses. I guess in case she died in a car crash on the way to a divorce hearing...


Big Dot - Yup. Final words of my Granciel: "DON'T LET HIM GET THE MONEY."
Tami - I think the "(!)" speaks volumes. She expected Gary to be around.
Erin - Thank you! I laughed! I called Gary and told him Mom wanted to be sure I was financially independent of him.
Caroline - Knowing Mom and her history with husbands, she was thinking I needed those bonds in case Gary ran off with some hussy named Suzanne like Jerry did.


I love how your mom managed to photoshop out your last names.


3 - she was very good with her Apple Cube.


I was smiling before I got past the title of this post - thanks for that, on one of the hard days. I also love that the (!) was her doing, not just yours. That speaks volumes about her, as well as about your marriage. Hah, I see you've already noted that. Funny. Love.


Gaoo - She was a hoot. I love how she tried to be official and then that just fell apart.


Tonight we found the notes you made in a street guide when #3 moved out to our neck of the woods. They were enjoyable, but not quite as epic as notes from the grave.


Caroline - Was 3 adding "Here there be Jews" to the West County area? Now that she lives there insttead of our neck?

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