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April 26, 2010



I really like the obvious Greco-Roman comb-over.

We have a chihuahua. Her hair never gets long enough to style, so we have to settle for ridiculous outfits.


Poor Mac. At least he's cute.


Aww. He looks exactly like our little girl, CoCo, who lived to be almost 19 and is now at rest in our backyard. I miss having a little doggie like her. I do have another little doggie, but he can't replace Coco.


Tami - Ah, Mac gets those too.
Sherri - Cute and dumb.
Hattie - Yep, Mac has Fred to live up to, and he is no Fred.


You know what happens after you get a haircut?

You get a dogbone. Duh.

He IS cunnin'. I pictured him being way bigger than that.


Gaoo - Are you kidding? This dog gets bones for breaking wind. Unless you mean a Wilma Flintstone dog-bone hair ornament.

OH. And how is it no one has commented on the cunnin' way I made my little table's drawer into a cup holder?

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