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April 11, 2010



It was a grand evening, although we never remembered to search for a disease that prevents swallowing.

Thank you for not making me kill anything.

Big Dot

Good grief! This trumps my Eggatha euthanasia http://travelskite.blogspot.com/2010/01/rip-hoochie-mamma.html to the nth degree. What carnage! As you know, I consider the freezer to be the murderer's friend - did you chill the lobsters into insensibility first? (I wouldn't put a chicken straight in there though - warm-blooded creatures need to be unconscious).

I especially enjoyed the bear feeding frenzy.


Caroline - actually, it could be achalasia (common in young adults) or there's a condition that makes a ringed web or stricture in your esophogus.


Big Dot - Well, I might have to freeze them next year, but then what happens when you cook them. You must know what happens when you cook a frozen turkey.

Mrs. Hall

Lob SLAU! gosh is it that time of year again?

crazy with dead lobsters who KEEP ON FIGHTING!

yeah, I like food that fights back!

OK GOOD! excellent!

can't wait to read next years festivities.

btw, wasn't it suppose to be a chicken thing this year?

Big Dot

Mmm, yes, mass vomiting and a Christmas to remember...

You don't freeze them solid, just induce hypothermia so they don't know what's happening to them. Quick stab to the back of the head, into the pan of boiling water and Bob's your uncle.

Big Dot

Of course, then there'd be nothing to write about.


I am as enthralled by this in the same amount that I was horrified by pie-pie-pie-pie pie.

I had to email links out to people so they could share.


I like your point of view.


I am reminded of the lobster killer scene from Julie & Julia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVrTt4bzkK0


Mrs Hall - I do hear crabs can put up a good fight, and oysters too.
Big Dot - But still, wouldn't such a radical temparature change affect the meat? I ate the leftovers in some Happy Family tonight. Not as exciting but madly tasty.
Tami - Fine by me. As long as they aren't vegetarians ... neh ... that'sokay too.
Hattie - Thank you.
velocibadgergirl - Cool! My brother said to watch that movie, especially that scene! I need to watch the whole thing someday.


I love you even more than before. How is that even possible?


Magpie - Isn't your um - hospice graduation anniversary - coming up soon? You could kill a lobster.


It's hard for me to imagine the lobster not alive with it's tail cut off. As a kid, I used to catch crawdads all the time. My method of kill was to rip off their tails and pinchers (if big enough) and throw the head back in the water as bait for the other crawdads. There was a period of time where the head kept crawling around flailing its legs or small pinchers around at the fish or other crawdads. Eventually they would die but it wasn't quick. Sounds mean but I would rather rip off their tails than cook them with their heads (a friends dad would suck out their heads after cooked, I still can't get over that) plus throwing the head back into the water was giving back to nature.

Phew, I'm feeling rather longwinded. :)


O Kllunga é lobslau... esta comprovado!
Lobslau gosta de cerveja, é corintiano e toma Brahma... rsrsrs


Rayleen - it's good to know that they were not ZOMBSTERS and ZOMBIEDADS.
Aline - Hi! Eu mesmo não gosto de cerveja, nem mesmo cerveja Busch. Eu nunca tentei Brahma.

(Translation by Brazilian Translation with help by Wikipedia)
Aline said:
"The Kllunga" (descendants of run-away slaves who lived in remote settlements in northeastern Goiás state, Brazil) "is lobslau ... This proven! Lobslau like beer, is Corinthian"(from the port of Corinth in Greece) "and takes Brahma" (a Brazilian beer, originally made by the Companhia Cervejaria Brahma which was founded in 1888. The brands are now owned by Anheuser–Busch InBev, based in Saint Louis.)

So I said:
I myself do not like beer, not even Busch beer. I've never tried Brahma.

I think I might be on some thin ice, so I tried to be diplomatic.


While we are not having a LobSlau this year, I am thinking of you and the Queen Mother today.

Also, my family had Chinese for lunch in honor of another friend's deceased relatives. Long story. I decided the shrimp fried rice was for your mom. It was the closest thing to lobster on my plate.


Make that two heartless cows thinking of you today. I had dinner at my aunt's and spoke of dead moms, although I and my aunt were the only ones with dead moms there.


Caroline / Mershy - thanks for thinking of her. I think I'm going to go to Schuncks on mid-rivers tomorrow and surprise Gary with a few lobsters tomorrow. Now that I missed the day it feels empty not to have murdered something.

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