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April 27, 2010



I DO tip the sonic waitpeoples. More if they're on roller skates.
Fat stacks if they let ME wear the roller skates.
No skates? two bucks, tops.


I've never been to a Sonic. Or a drive-through pharmacy. They just don't exist around here.


So, how much did you end up paying for that "cuddle"? and is it legal in your state? ;-)

[a friend of Magpie]


Gah! I'm always torn by this question too. I heard that Sonic employees get minimum wage plus tips and also that the ones who wear roller skates get paid extra. So I usually don't tip. I pay by credit card at the sign - mine doesn't have a drive thru - and so I can skirt the issue.


I don't know what Sonic is, and the fact that you can go ANYWHERE and have them bring food to your window is insanely cool (do they really wear roller skates or was that just cruel hyperbole?). Do you just live in another country, or, like, in the fifties?

Erin G.

We tip at Sonic. but we also live in NYC where you are expected to tip for EVERYTHING.


They don't wear roller skates at our local Sonic and we always go through the drivethru, so tipping is not an issue. However, now I really want tater tots and a cream pie milk shake, dammit.

And does it count that I'm not wearing a bra if I'm also wearing a "I [picture of Godzilla] Tokyo" t-shirt? (I interpret that as "I stomp-like-Godzilla-all-over Tokyo". And now I want to watch Godzilla while eating my tater tots and drinking my milkshake. Who gave you this power over my mind?)


I've tipped at Sonic a couple times, but really, it's a fast food place. Tipping should not be expected. I very, very rarely do it.


Shania- Damn! Gary's right?
Magpie - Yeah, and you've got some beggie called Ramps. Weird.
Teresa (hi, Magpie's friend)- Cuddles are okay in Missouri! Oral sex was illegal up till 2003, though. Not that we did that. So. Hi.
Amy in StL - I didn't even know you could pay at the sign!
Allison (hi to you too!)- Sonic is one of the Southern things that made it as far North as St. Louis at about the time Krispy Kreme donuts did. And I've only read about the roller-skate Sonics; evidently it's a franchise and each can do what they want.
Erin G - In NY? I can't picture the drive-up. But then, I'm assuming it's in Manhattan.
Sherri - No rollerskates at ours, and actually no drive-thru, but a drive-up. And you were so peaceful on your blog today.
Caroline - Yeah, but everyone disagrees with us! I already told Gary he was right.


I gave the kid a buck for bringing me my burger and tater tots, and then regretted it when he never showed up with our extra ketchup. What was wrong with that kid, we might have tipped him more when he came back? Dumb kid.

Our Sonic has the drive-up *and* a drive-through. No roller skates, though.

It's on Route 27 South just before South Middlebush Road, in case any of your readers who live near me suddenly say "Sonic? WHERE'S THERE A SONIC?!", but they probably already know about the one on 22 East in Greenbrook.

Erin G.

Sadly, no Sonics in Manhattan. We are so deprived. We ALWAYS go to Sonic whenever we travel outside the city, though. We actively look for them because I L-O-V-E their limeade.


Tami - I will be prepared when I'm in your neck of the woods.
Erin G. - Okay, this is the third time I've heard about Sonic limeade. I need some.


We don't do tipping here. It makes travelling overseas a minefield, an absolute minefield: http://travelskite.blogspot.com/2010/01/heres-tip-for-you.html

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